Friday, November 19, 2010

party, party, party...

ok.  Tallulah is now officially 1 and we have had her family birthday get together on her actual birthday 11/16.  Tomorrow we will be having her Yo Gabba Gabba party for her friends...(our friends with kids around the same age).  Im keeping it simple.   Lots of balloons, lots of color, lots of music and videos...Yo Gabba Gabba of course.  Its the only thing that T will sit and watch for 30 uninterrupted minutes.  She loves it.  She talks (babbles) back to the screen, she swings her arms and kicks her legs.  Whats funny is that I am normally right behind her doing the same thing.  Its a great show.  We are decorating all of the balloons like the characters on the show.  Her cake is going to be a 3 layered cake to look like we stacked the 3 main characters on top of eachother.  Im so excited.  We are expecting about 15 people and i dont know how many kids.  For party favors, we decided to just get really cute colorful food cotainers and make sticker labels that say (Tallulahs Take Home Treat) and we are buying 1 extra sheet cake and slicing it up and putting them in really cute solid color backpacks.  They are little backpacks that hopefully the people can use over and over again.  We are also putting a rolled napkin and colorful silverware to enjoy the cake with later.  I have been to parties and received party gifts that i never really know what to do with and i feel guilty throwing them away.  Who throws away a back pack and a piece of cake...not me.  The bags are either orange, green, blue, red or pink,  the colors of the show.  Anyway,  i will post pictures of the party afterwards.  Tallulah doesnt know what to think with 2 parties...we are so excited.  We figure she spent 118 days in the hospital after being born.  She deserves 10 parties, but we will settle for 2. 
We are going to be busy today wrapping boxes to be background props behind the cake.  Speaking of cake, I am crossing my fingers on this one.  I found a really cute example online of the cake i wanted to get for her, however, every bakery wanted to make it in that fondont (dont know if i spelled that right).  I hate that stuff.  Its all thick and pasty and makes all of the cakes look pretty, but taste the same.  Sooooo, I have been watching the food network and am inspired by Sandra Lee's Semi-Homemade show.  I went to the local grocery baker and ordered a flat square white sheet cake in yellow, no trim no writing.  A chocolate round cake in green frosting with no trim no writing and a miniture round yellow cake with pink frosting, no trim no writing.  My goal is to get them home and stack them and then draw the eyes of our 3 favorite characters.  I would post an example of what i want it to look like, but, i want to wait to see how mine turns out first.  You know how competitive I am.  I am going to cluster the balloons by color.  I am wrapping 5 different size boxes in tablecloths and then drawing eyes and mouths on them as backdrops.  Orange is the main Y.G.G. color so the plates and cups for the cake are in that color.  The food plates are small round red, small square yellow and big square red and big square yellow.  The silverware is bright green and the napkins are red.  I am going to try to wrap all of the art on the walls (we dont hang much) but what is hanging will look like the boxes on the table.  For food, we are getting Daddy's favorite Chik-fil-A.  Chicken nuggets and chicken strips.  A carrot raisin salad and a green salad.  Chips and dips and a juice bar.  I also have a bottle of Dom Perignon that was a gift when T was born that I have saved for this moment.  I figure all of the adults will take a celebratory glass with us.  Although it looks and sounds like its going to be a rain filled weekend, I dont care.  My sunshine has enough umph to outshine the rain.  We got her the most beautiful party dress.  She looks like a real cake topper in it.  She wont be doing the frosting eating again in this dress.  For those of you that dont know, I have major party planning anxiety.  This is the point where i normally start calling people and cancelling the whole thing.  I DONT KNOW WHY I JUST ALWAYS DO.  Not this time.  This is for my cupcake and no matter what (including a rain forecast) wont keep me from having this party.  It will be the second party I have thrown in over 25 years.  NERVES!!!!!  I just hope the rain doesnt keep people from coming...thats my worst one showing up.   I get the hives just thinking about how that would feel.  ANYWAY. 
I am off to start Yo Gabba Gabba-ing the house.  I will take pictures and share them with you later....wish me luck and patience and most importantly smiles......Papi


  1. Finding the right catering company can make any event a breeze!

  2. I'm so excited for you guys! I can't wait to see those party pictures. You guys totally deserve all of this joy. Isn't incredible to think of how difficult things were one year ago? It's amazing, I have a lump on my throat and a tear threatening to come out of my left eye.

    I'm so happy for you guys. Enjoy her, enjoy each other, and enjoy the moment. Your party is going to ROCK!

    I REALLY want to see her when we come to LA for X-mas. Please try to come to Adan's B-day party. It's on the 26th of Dec at a petting in Montebello.


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