Friday, February 3, 2012

I dont know...

Dear Tallulah, 
I don't know how you knew how long my day was.  I don't know how you knew how tired I was.  I don't know how you knew how stressed out I've been lately but today when I walked in the door, you somehow knew how to make it all go away.  When you heard me say hello at the door I saw your eyes open up big and excited.  You clapped your hands 5 times until you saw me.  Then you bounced right up and came over to me holding your arms up to hold me.  Then once you had me in your arms,  you shook with excitement and joy.  I don't know how you knew that it was exactly what the doctor ordered...but it was.  In one swoop, you took me to heaven and back.  It was the first time you did it, and I pray, pray, pray that it happens everyday for the rest of my freakin life!!!!!!!!!  I had tears in my eyes when it happened, and I have tears in my eyes as I relive it.   I love you Cupcake!  Papi

Sing A LULAby...

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