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Thursday, June 24, 2010

who said what? ? ?

elephants and curls...

Okay.  I have to take a few minutes out of this crazy 93 mile an hour life to thank a few people.  Actually, a lot of people.  You guys have been so good to this baby that it is amazing.  The elephant in the picture below was handmade by one of my friends.  She even embroidered Tallulah's name on the tail.  T also recently received these 3 hanging giftbags from one of her uncle Ramons co-worker.  I have to post a pic of them in a minute.  They wrote her first name on one baggie/mini-purse, her middle name on one, and then wrote "Lela's Princess" on the other one.  I absolutely love them.  She also recently received a new handmade teddybear made out of the same yarn that made a croteched blanket.  She gets so much that I would be writing forever.  I just want all of you that have given her any kind of gift, that we appreciate it and are very thankful....

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day...

Well, well, well.  Where do I begin.  Tallulah is FANTASTIC!  She is currently over 10 lbs and growing fast.  She is sleeping great as well.  a good 8 to 9 hours a night.  Its so nice to have my friend Sleep in my life again.  I missed her soooo much.  T is eating great and, knock on wood, is developing great.  We are very happy.  She couldn't be more perfect if I carved her from wood myself.  The last few weeks have been crazy.  Daddy and I adjusted our work schedules so that we could be with the baby more.  We've worked together for many years.  Now we will work together 2 days a week and spend the rest of the week in Tallulah-Land.  T is starting to get very vocal.  Its very exciting.  She coos and oos and aaaayyyys and  all of these amazing sounds.  She loves her hands right now.  She plays with them constantly.  She gets this really mischievous grin on her face when she clasps them like shes got some crazy plan shes cooking now that she can touch her hands.  It cracks me up.  Shes starting to reach for things held above or in front of her.  She actually grabbed something the other day not once but twice.  By the time I stopped crying and clapping and ran and grabbed the video camera she was over it.  I spent the next hour trying to get her to do it again............NOPE.  But I had the moment in my head video camera.  She was waving her arms a lot because I had one of those toys that you put in the crib that hand over the baby and they pull on the toys and it starts to make noise for her.  Some Papi I am.  I don't even know the name of the toy that I put in my child's crib with her...anyway.  So she was waving her arms really close to the lowest hanging chain.  She was kicking her legs and sticking her little tongue out and grunting.  Then in a fast wave with her right hand she hit the bottom ring of the orange chain.  I wish you could have seen the moment.  The look on her eyes when she realized that she had just touched it.  It was awesome!  She started swinging her arms really hard at this point and grunting really loud.  Not like a ugly grunt, but like a baby clearing her throat grunt.  As her arms waved she kept hitting the ring over and over.  One of the times she was hitting it her wrist turned around and her little fingers caught the ring.  I stayed soooooo quiet and still not to freak her out because she look so confused.  She held on to it for a few seconds and then reached over with her left hand and grabbed it.  She was so excited that she literally pulled her head and shoulders up off of the crib.  That's how hard she was pulling.  Then she let go.  She was so excited that she kept swinging her arms until she hit it again.  This time it was a much faster move.  I couldn't believe it.  I wiped my tears and ran to the living room to grab the camera....You know the rest.  NADA.  Since then she hasn't done it again.  She is however reaching a lot and reaching trying to hold her own bottle. 

Tallulah's Grandma just left from another visit from Georgia.  Daddy's mom came out for 1 week.  She hearts her T!  It was a fun visit.  Tallulah got held more than should be legal.  The dogs miss her more though since she gives them human food.  (I'm gonna kill you!)  It was a relaxing trip.  No running around everywhere to see this and do that.  Just bonding time with Sweet-T. 

So today is fathers day.  YAYAYAY  I love my Tallulah.  I am so thankful for her.  Her surro-mom Lori should know just how much I appreciate what gift she gave us.  All this week clients were bringing me gifts for fathers day.  ME!  Richie aka Papi aka Gordo getting told happy fathers day.  Its surreal.  Tallulah woke me up at 6:27 this morning.  Not crying though,  just cooing to herself.  Eating her hands as usual.  I fed her, burped her and she was back to la la land in 2.3seconds.  I made some coffee, put on the r & b soul channel on cable music and am in heaven.  Not only is it fathers day.  Its also Daddy and Papi's anniversary today.  YUP.  We've been at it for over 15 years now.  Most people say things like "time flies" and "i just blinked and it went by".  I disagree.  I think time goes as fast or as slow as you decide it does. I soak up every ounce of every second!  My great times go on  and on and my not so great times go a little fasterr.  Today I am going to spend the day with my Rue-Lah doing I don't know what.  That will be my Fathers day.  Tonight, however, we will be dropping little Rue-Lah at Abuelas house.  Daddy and I have a date at the Greek Theater to see Miss Erykah Badu in her "Out of my mind...and just in time" tour.  I am so excited.  I hope anyone that reads this can feel the way I feel right now for just a few minutes in their lifetime.  Its kind of a scary feeling.  Scary because its new and uncontrollable,  but its divine!  Happy fathers day to all of you fathers and all of you father figures whatever form you are in.  R

Thursday, June 10, 2010

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