Thursday, June 24, 2010

elephants and curls...

Okay.  I have to take a few minutes out of this crazy 93 mile an hour life to thank a few people.  Actually, a lot of people.  You guys have been so good to this baby that it is amazing.  The elephant in the picture below was handmade by one of my friends.  She even embroidered Tallulah's name on the tail.  T also recently received these 3 hanging giftbags from one of her uncle Ramons co-worker.  I have to post a pic of them in a minute.  They wrote her first name on one baggie/mini-purse, her middle name on one, and then wrote "Lela's Princess" on the other one.  I absolutely love them.  She also recently received a new handmade teddybear made out of the same yarn that made a croteched blanket.  She gets so much that I would be writing forever.  I just want all of you that have given her any kind of gift, that we appreciate it and are very thankful....

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