Thursday, July 31, 2014

Nothing Compares To You

Just had 2 immunizations (shots) for school... Nothing compares to fighting in the NICU. What's a little prick of a needle!?! 

Flower Power

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

I'm The Luckiest Girl

Lunch At Whole Foods With My Papi

Enjoying Our Life, Daily!

Sunshine Of The Sunbeam3

The Sky Is Open & I Am A Happy Girl

Shopping With Daddy For Papi

Morning Glory With Papi & Daddy

Shopping With Papi

OC Fair:2014

New Day, New Pic

Luv Where I'm From



Spiritual Queen Of The House

Ready 2 Start The Day

Breezy Trees

Funny Face To Warm The House

Bliss All Around

Just Glow

Roots Of Love

Journey Of Malibu


We got changes changing all the time

Star Search!

In The Glow

Aquatic Moments

Life Is About Expression

Daddy & Papi Got Married!

Happy 4 my Daddy & Papi... The Sun shined down on us so bright that day.


Just Smile

School DAZE (Pre K)

Why Not Use The RockNRoll Movers!?!

She's a masterpiece

Straight Out Of A Beautiful Bedtime Story

Made out of love & rainbows