Thursday, August 14, 2014

Brains & Beauty...

Such a great adventure we are on with you! As we sit here & watch you, at 4 years old, perfectly spell these 50 words, we couldn't be any more grateful! We love our smart girl! :)

Piano, Umbrella, Violin, Feather, Igloo, Robot, Jelly, Tallulah, Doll, Yarn, Cake, Apple, Ship, Daddy, Cat, X-ray, Bike, Quilt, Gift, Egg, Tent, Zebra, Papi, Red, Yellow, Blue, Purple, Black, White, Dog, Net, Ox, Zipper, Worm, Mouse, Kite, Ant, Horse, Pig, Gift, Lion, Boy, Girl, Green, Uh-Oh, Cow, Elephant, Big, Orange, Wow