Monday, January 7, 2013

First day of school...

Okay. So today was your first day of school Tallulah and I want you to remember how it all went down. Daddy and I really didn't sleep well last night. I kept waking up and asking him to hit the clock button on the cable box remote because I swore we were late and gonna look bad being late on your first day. Every time I would check it would only have been like 8 minutes later from the time before. Haha. You woke up when we turned on Yo GabbaGabba "School" episode. You jumped up , gave me a kiss then crawled over the blanket to stand directly in front of the television. I stared to cry because I remembered watching your entrance to this world. You were so tiny and so beautiful. I knew instantly that you would be fine and that I didn't have to worry about whether or not you would make it. You kind of told us through the tiny slot of your eyes that were barely opening that you'd be fine. I instantly felt you tell me "go get everything ready for this RollerCoaster ride we're going to be on because I've got this end handled." Now 3 years later we get to feed you, dress you, style your hair (you know we styled your hair) and drive you to school. We put you in some comfy clothes so that you would feel relaxed and we were ready to go.

We parked in front of the school and walked right into the office where we were greeted by the School Principal. We felt very V.I.P. getting the Principal to greet lil ol us until we were told the receptionist was out sick and principal was pulling double duty. HAHAHAHAA. In my head she came out just for us. As I filled out the last few forms, Ms Patti (playing the part of Teacher") came and greeted us warmly and then took you and Daddy out to the "line up" ( that would be the spot by the school buses where the teacher greets and checks in the kids. This new School code talk is so fun).

As we waited for the line up you started to tear up and wanted to be held. I had to ignore you or I was swooping you up and running to the car. Daddy calmly assured you and tried to occupy your attention. We walked you into the school with the line and I held one hand and daddy held the other. I held my breath and tried to memorize every step, sound, smell and sight around me. I didn't want to forget one second of this dream come true. You did this little skip step and ran in place and it made me feel like you were happy and comfortable and not scared. We walked you to your room and waited in line to check in your new purple backpack. Then it was time for you to sit on the chair in front of the colorful rug and for us to walk away. We looked at each other like "do we just leave? Do we say goodbye and go in for one last kiss? Do we?????" Just then Ms Patti motioned for us to leave and motioned over to the windows. During our first meeting with her she told us she would leave 2 of the blinds open in case we wanted to window-stalk her first day. It made me feel AWESOME that she remembered and reminded me. We walked out and I stared straight ahead and couldn't even hear the sounds of the kids all around. I heard my heartbeat loud and slow over and over and over. We got to the door the cold metal handle snapped me back to reality and the fresh air allowed the tears to flow freely. We walked over to the cafeteria and paid for your meals for the semester and then walked over to the window to check in on you. You were sitting on the teachers lap and you guys were clapping together to a song. We walked away talking about how well we took care of you this whole time and how we hope they take the same care of you in there. They may see a strong 3 year old in front of them but I sometimes see my 1lb. fragile flower. We got in the car a sat there for a few minutes before deciding  to drive the neighborhood around the school. We picked up some coffee, parked on the side of the school and walked on the "walking" path "exercised" while you were in class. When it was time to pick you up we parked in front of the school and could see you sitting with your class with your hand on your backpack. Every kid had their hand on their back packs which meant you were following the rules. I'm so proud on you. I walked up and said "Papi loves Tallulah" and you looked up reached up for me. I picked you up an took a deep breath and you smelled so good. You laid your head on my shoulder and clung on tight and I was in H E A V E N ! I handed you over to your daddy because he looked like he was going to explode. Ms Patti told us you did better than she expected for your first day. She said you cried a bit but not for too long. She said you liked to climb and didn't like to be told you couldn't climb. Hahaha. We got you home and the minute you walked in the door we tackled you to the floor and had a love seizure.

I survived, you survived, Daddy survived. I guess we now have to do this again tomorrow. :).